Build, Design, Paint their doors and completing their roofs day 06.

Breakfast began at 7:30, though many of us were up a lot earlier due to noise around the hotel, this was made up for by a delicious breakfast from Mama Rosa. By 8:30 we were on the road heading back to Misminay. Our incredible bus driver Jesus did an amazing of navigating the narrow and winding roads up the mountain.

IMG_0529   IMG_0555


The agenda for both teams today was to build, design and paint their doors as well as completing their roofs. Most of us were quite thankful that today did not require the use of any barro (mud) or adobes (brick). Deciding on a design for the door proved to be quite a challenge for our team but I think we were all quite happy with the final product.

IMG_0552 IMG_0540

By lunch we had our doors built, designs decided and had begun to paint them. We were all saddened to realise that this lunch would be the last cooked by our chef extraordinaire Mario.


After lunch the major task was to get the plastic on the roof. Zanna and I went with Yieber, Mario and Jesus to collect the plastic from another house where we were able to see the first greenhouse built with ROV. It was good to see it full with green vegies.

IMG_0571 IMG_0564

It was intriguing to watch the process of getting the plastic onto the roof. The volunteers played a limited role in this process as Yieber, Jesus, Mario, Raoul and Santiago took charge. Raoul, who were building our greenhouse for, had the biggest grin on his face as the plastic was first placed on the roof, making us all realise what a difference these house are going to make to them.


In the afternoon, we saw the true unpredictability of the weather, with thunder storms, heavy rain and even a bit of hail. Our team, who managed to finish just before the rain got to heavy had made it to shelter in our main host families kitchen, were quite entertained watching the team from up the hill make mad dashes trying to make it to shelter, particularly Steph’s announcement that ‘I think Tina’s dead!’ (She had slipped in the mud during her mad rush, but I was every man for themselves so no turning back!).

IMG_0439 IMG_0596

On the drive back down to Urubamba we were once again even more thankful for Jesus’ amazing driving skills!
We ended the day by visiting markets to but things for our families and the children of the villiage and then back to the hotel for one last dinner from Mama Rosa.
Hasta Luego!

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