Day 07 Misminay / The finishing day of work – June 24th

Today was a very prideful day for our group. Once the roof went on and we really got a good look at the greenhouse, there was a moment of silence.


No one really knew what to say but the look on everyone’s face really said it all. We accomplished a great feat for an awesome family.


The love that was shown to us every day of work was so great. The lunches everyday were unbelievable, no one left with an empty stomach.


So when the finishing touches of the door were put on the smiles on everyone’s face really expressed the overall mood of the day.


On the way back down to the bus everyone would reminisce on the good times that we had while working on the greenhouse.


No one tried to out work one another and the positive attitude was very contagious among the group.


Even though our working is done for the community of misminay the memories we have will last a lifetime

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