Day 09 ATV & Zip Line adventure – June 26th

Today was another jam packed day ! We started off bright and early at the ATV garage ready to eat some dirt 🙂!



We raced through the dirt roads taking in the surrounding mountain views. We rode together in a single line convoy stopping only to take in our surroundings or for some quick pictures.


After riding through the beautiful scenery we had time to venture to the salt mines, everyone was amazed by their size and many dipped in their fingers to taste the famous Peruvian salt, discovered around 700 hundred years ago !


At this point we had already done some much but we still had one big treat waiting for us – zip lining !! A lot of the group had been excited about the zip lining and it definitely lived up to our expectations.


We started off on the least high (still scary) and worked are way up to the highest. After the first run are confidence grew and many were looking like flying monkeys hanging upside down as they swung through the valley.


Some even tried the superman position – Ashley and David got a scare after being flung back in the opposite direction of the landing point and having to hang mid air whilst waiting to get rescued 🙂!


All in all today was full of wild activities and by dinner time everyone was exhausted but still smiling after so much fun 🙂

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