From the eyes of Chenny day 05.

“¿Como se dice?”, sweaty bodies, aesthetic views, team work and authentic Peruvian meals, predominantly made up the essence of day 5.

The early Misminay sunrise was the motivator of early morning wake ups as a group of avid volunteers began the day with an early morning hike. Although our building site was already surrounded by natural beauty, this experience was taken to another level. The surge towards a higher altitude was definitely worth it as the group embraced the raw panorama which was spine tingling at least. It’s not everyday that one can stop for an hour and absorb mother nature’s very best. This Misminayan version of natural scenery elevated the morale of the group, giving us that buzz to smash out another day of green house construction.

IMG_2769 IMG_2774

If you thought that the view was enough to stimulate the senses visually, you, my friend, would be incorrect. Everyone loves a bit of daily motivation, and our group leader, Yieber, did not disappoint at all. In the words of our guide, “a photo can capture a memory, but the feeling you get from that memory will always be stored in the heart”. This, in complement with the former experience was the complete package to elevate the already abundant enthusiasm of the group.

IMG_0429 IMG_0428

The near completion of the green house has taught us the definition of a few important things: barros, adobe, por favor, gracias, buenos dias, team work and enjoying the gift of helping others. Every drink break, it was rewarding to see the vigilant progress achieved through the diligence of spirited individuals. Personally, it was satisfying. For the team, uplifting.

IMG_2799 IMG_2779

As volunteers, we are constantly treated like royalty. It is something that we are extremely grateful for. The Misminay people have a strong sense of community, you can see it when you look deep into their eyes and say “hola”. Often, the children and adults walk by you fearlessly and openly communicate with great sense of humility and interest. This is a phenomenon which few are used to back home.

IMG_2823 IMG_2831

Such a flavoursome day had to be topped off with a salsa session to loosen up the body and further accentuate the vibrant spirits. Good vibes, music and people alleviated the muscular pain associated with a few days work of labour.

IMG_2863 IMG_2827

The overall hospitality, warmth, authenticity and kindness of the Peruvian people has made this volunteering experience unforgettable… and it´s only day 5. Bring on the remaining 9 days!


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