Last time at the village – Ollantaytambo Day 07.

This morning we began our day as the sun welcomed us through our windows at the house of Mama Rosa, or Hostal Raywasiray, where we have been so graciously invited to stay for much of this week, we are always so fortunate to be greeted by herself, Pappi and Melissa who provide is with beautiful meals everyday as well as a smile. Today was to be the last day there, as we have finally finished our green houses and were to move into Ollanataytambo town about 30 minutes drive west of Urubamba.
But first the group and our wonderful team leader Yeiber were to set out one last time to the village to greet the two families in which we worked to build the green houses for. And also give to the children at the village and at the local school gifts we had individually brought to try and bring some extra sunshine into their lives, especially since it is so close to Christmas.
So we packed our bag and loaded them onto the bus ready for that final encounter.

IMG_2877 IMG_2882
We arrived high into the sacred valley mountains (include name of village where we built the green houses), and quickly went up hill, (no easy feat in thongs) but never the less made it up to greet Santiago and his wife to who me my group had built the green house for, to not only see them and thank them for allowing us to be apart of such a rewarding experience but also for inviting us and welcoming us so.

IMG_2898 IMG_2891

So we very happily gave them, fruit, vegetables, pasta, rice, honey, and a new saw as their old one was rusted and weak, they both gave very gracious and excited looks especially Santiago at the saw! We had our chance to thank them and we were translated a grateful and humbling response through Yeiber, we hugged, got some photos and sadly parted our ways.


Next we went to the other green house the other group had built, and went through a similar experience, it’s a very fulfilling experience having completed so,eating like this you know will make a lasting impact on a families life.
Next we gave out some toys to the local children, some poorer than others and for some of them, really their first ever gifts, was a highlight of the day.

IMG_2969 IMG_2943

We next went to the local school and did the same collectively and they sang us two song in their native tongue and in return we sang ‘twinkle, twinkle little star’ a little impromptu.
Then we said out goodbyes and headed back to Mama Rosa’s for our final lunch with her and said our goodbyes and presented them with parting gifts and said our goodbyes as well.

IMG_2957 IMG_2999

We headed off to the new town of orienta (please correct) to start the second part of our journey, passing ever expanding hills of green and gray charcoal. On our way, and made our pilgrimage for the next three days here in the Tunupa hotel and wow what a beautiful location, so well catered for, Yeiber has really outdone himself. We quickly settled in and met to take a journey through town on our way to (Pinkulluna) again no easy feet in thongs as we made it up a granite narrow and winding staircase overlooking the valley and the town.

IMG_3010 IMG_3023

Yeiber gave us a history lesson of the inca people at the time of the Spanish invasion and the king at the time of the Inca’s to protect Machu pichu the most sacred of sites, took haste towards the amazing rainforest which meets machu pichu but was to deter the Spanish from ever finding the sacred site. And kept it intact and preserved.


Some of us, myself included managed to make it to the very top and wow what a view it’s indescribable and so peaceful. And what a pleasure to share such an experience with such wonderful people.
We went back down and got to visit a locals home and hear about their lifestyle and do some shopping in tone, before heading off for some well arranged dinner. Before finally returning to the hotel to prepare for tomorrow, an epic day of mountain biking through the sacred valley.

IMG_3136 IMG_0447

Thus far this trip has been so rewarding and I so honestly encourage others to step outside your comfort zone, take the plunge, give your time and your hands, make some friends experience something amazing and really make a change in the world and the lives of others. This being my second reach out volunteers program. I can honestly say what a blessing it is to be able to come and help change the world.


Sending my love back home and to all our friends, partners and relatives.

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