Our stay in Misminay Day 4.

Note: this blog post is a day late as there is no internet in the small village of Misminay!
This morning we woke up to yet another delicious breakfast by Mama Rosa packed full of carbs and nutrients for the busy day ahead.We then travelled the scenic route to Misminay with Carolina replacing Yieber, who apparently ditched us for a much more relaxing day in Cuzco!

12312261_189599834721200_1622592271_n IMG_2617


After splitting into our two groups we got to work wheelbarrowing clay Adobe (bricks), shovelling Barro (mud) and complaining about how sore we would be the next day. Once again we were not disappointed by the delicious lunch prepared by masterchef Mario who has stolen all of us lady’s hearts (especially Zanna’s).

IMG_2642 IMG_2658

After our hard day of work in the sun (and a couple of light showers), we headed back to our meeting area to be told by the returned Yieber that we would be going for a 2 hour hike. And that he had forgotten to bring us our one small request: marshmallows!


After climbing for 5 minutes, we quickly realised that this was not the leisurely stroll we thought it would be. We lost some team members along the way (RIP) but most of us made it to the top eventually.


Through our huffing and puffing we constantly attempted to reassure each other that we would be at the top in time to watch the sunset. It was not disappointing. We all agreed that it was the most spectacular view we’d ever seen.


We spent half an hour at the top taking hundreds of well deserved artistic selfies and group shots until our mouths hurt from smiling.

12305456_189599644721219_487355132_n IMG_2747

While we were heading downhill home we could hear the sound of stomachs rumbling as we anticipated Mario’s meal waiting for us. When our tummies were full of trout and veggies and our mouths burning from chilli, we each met our host family for the night, who greeted us with enthusiasm and warmth as they allow us to stay in their lovely homes as we rest for another day of hard work!
Hasta Luego!


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