Puno – flotaing islands – Amantani island Day 05

After another brief absence from the blog everyone’s favourite Canadian is back at it again.
The day began early with The ride to the dock was a new experience, for Austin and Lorna at least, inside what the locals call their Eco-friendly taxi which is barely more than a two-person bench with wheels attached to a bike frame. While heading down the road a race began between Austin and Lorna’s taxi versus Yiber’s taxi. Needless to say Yiber lost the race.


Soon after the travellers boarded their boat and after at least half an hour (they had to wait for the rest of the tourists) they departed for their first stop of the day Amantani island. Since they were on one of the faster boats on the lake the travellers made it to the island a couple of hours before the usual huge crowd of tourists.

On the island the travellers began the guided tour where they learned many things about the culture and traditions of the people living there. After a little while the travellers, as well as the other tourists that were with them for the day, made it to the other side of the island where there was a nice beach to relax on for a little while.


Not much relaxing was done before Austin decided he wanted to take a stroll into lake Titicaca. He got into the water up to knee level and then convinced Yieber he needed to join him in the lake for a quick picture. Little did Yiber know was that once the picture was taken than he would have the opportunity for Austin to send a large amount of the cold lake water flying towards him.

Before eating the food the travellers had the chance to see the traditional way to prepare the meal. The meal consisted of fish, chicken, beans, several kinds of potatoes and bananas.all of which were cooked at thensame time in a type of homemade  oven made with rocks.

After lunch it was time for the travellers to go to one of the many floating islands of lake Titicaca and learn about the lifestyle of the people living there. The first thing that the travellers did on the island was learn how the floating islands were made and see how it was possible for the islands to last 30-40 years.

After that we went Back to Puno the travellers had their usual rest period before going out for dinner. After dinner a little bit of shopping was done and then the travellers went to the main square in the town where there was a lot of live musical performances.

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