Ready for zip lining Day 09.

There was a great sense of optimism pervading throughout the volunteers as we started our day bright and early at breakfast. We had heard from Yieber that this experience was memorable, but it did not prepare us for the next few hours. After a long bus ride, we had finally arrived and were ready for zip lining.

IMG_3270 IMG_3314
None of the volunteers had encountered zip lining, especially in such an exotic environment, which only further built up excitement. A detailed explanation and demonstration included how to zip line upside-down and with a partner in a superman (or superwoman) position.

IMG_3357 IMG_3396

The fog was thick, and subsequently many of us could not see further than 10m in front. The fog eventually disappeared, allowing ourselves to embrace the view from all angles.

IMG_3385 IMG_0458

Despite the initial shake up, we all made it across the first zip line. For some this required a surprising amount of convincing. However, by the end of the second zip line, most of us were confident to try some new positions. And in the end, the majority of volunteers had attempted all six zip lines, leaving us with a great sense of achievement.

IMG_0460 IMG_0465

Yieber spontaneously decided to have a stop-over beside the highway on the way home. This intended lunch break saw us pignip out in the midst of the Incan remains. This appreciation of the Incan culture was further accentuated when we were taken to a traditional Chicheria.


Here, we enjoyed the essence of fermented maize that contained alcoholic traces, much to our enjoyment. This experience was taken to a whole new level when we were introduced to Sapo; a game which would test one’s ‘coin-tossing’ accuracy and ability. The deal was to have at least 12 attempts to win a Pisco Sour. We all failed miserably.
After a satisfying yet exhausting day, we headed home ready for a big feed. A mega night would entail…

Rachel Stirling

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