Ready Set Go Day 08.

During this adventure there have been many activities that we have been able to tick off our bucket lists and today we were able to accomplish yet another, mountain bike riding.

IMG_3156 IMG_3174

Today we headed to the Moras to embark on another journey. Here, we commenced a 20 kilometre mountain bike ride with everyone experiencing a range of emotions from thrill to dread.
We were exposed to the elements and enjoyed nice sunny weather which was much more satisfying than the enclosed air conditioned bus.

IMG_3176 IMG_0451

We stopped for a well deserved rest at Tiobamba. Where we saw a breathtaking chapel and learnt about Catholic religion and Inca traditions still held by the Peruvians today.

12270085_10206857216221651_1356186435_n (1) IMG_3186

We continued our journey, not just physically but mentally. The downhill parts of the ride were good for enjoying the scenery. Whilst the uphill intense parts allowed us to focus on speed and pushed everything else out of our minds but the ride.
We arrived at our halfway point feeling drained and down. Our spirits were lifted by a delicious pre packed lunch by Mama Rosa. We ventured onwards to explore the salt mines at maras. Where we were astonished to discover that the salts contained 834 minerals and could save you a lifetime worth of dental bills.

IMG_3228 IMG_0456

We still had not reached our finally destination. Bruised and battered we got back on the bikes and set out to Ollantaytambo.
As we rode through the mountains and the valleys we were closer and more connected to the outdoors and the people there. There are many ways to describe the feeling. Free. Exhilarating.

IMG_3237 IMG_3242

The ride was a nice change of pace from all the walking and hiking done over the past days and considering the speed and distance we all felt accomplished afterwards.

IMG_3255 12319528_10206857193101073_1928364606_n (1)

We reached the journey’s end feeling run-down yet surprised by our endurance and strength and in need of great celebration. Luckily we found ourselves at The Sacred Valley Brewery Co where we were able to enjoy a selection of their finest beers. As they say ‘A beer a day keeps the doctor away’.


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