The last full day together!

Today marks the final entry of the tale of the three travellers as told by Austin. Like most other days the travellers were up early, even Austin managed to get up on time. The travellers had a quick breakfast before once again boarding the Eco-friendly taxis and racing to the bus station. Just like the day before Austin and Lorna’s taxi beat Yieber’s taxi by a long shot. Their bags were soon loaded on the bus and they prepared themselves for the long 10 hour trip back to Cusco.


The trip back to Cusco consisted of five stops along the way to make the long bus ride more enjoyable. Stop number one was Pukara, where the travellers had the opportunity to visit a local lithic museum and see the many ancient stone tools and carvings. A short while later they departed Pukara. Stop number two was at a place called La Raya, located 4335 meters above see level, which was one of the highest points the travellers went to.


The stop there was brief though, giving everyone just enough time to enjoy the view and take some pictures. Growing hungry the travellers departed for stop number three, Sicuani. There they enjoyed a nice buffet lunch and had a short time to relax before getting back on the road. With their hunger satisfied for the moment the travellers departed for stop number four, Raqchi, to see the ruins of Wiracocha’s Temple. There they were able to learn many things about the history of the place as well as getting some great photos of the ancient buildings. After roughly an hour there they once again continued their long journey back to Cusco.


Finally they got to stop number five, Andahuaylillas, which was where San Pedro’s church was located. In the church Yieber provided Austin and Lorna with the history of the church which was built by the Jesuits in 1580. Eventually that tour came to a end as well and the travellers were on their way to their final destination, Cusco. Around 5pm the now very exhausted travellers finally reached Cusco.


A quick cab ride later and the travellers were back at their hotel, where they quickly dropped off their bags and went for their final dinner together at the Pisco Museum. In what seemed like no time at all dinner was over and the travellers slowly made their way back to the hotel. It was time for the travellers to get some much needed rest to prepare for the last few hours they would have together in the morning before going their separate ways, at least for a while, who knows what lies in store in the future for the travellers or for anyone they had already wished farewell to the previous week. And that concludes the telling of the week long adventures of Austin, Lorna and Yieber.


To most this will seem like nothing more than the end of a vacation but for the three travellers it is much more than that. A great deal of knowledge was shared and many lifelong memories and friendships have been made. It may at the moment seem like the end but in reality it is just the beginning.


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