Welcome to Cusco Day 01!!!

Today was arrival day! The first groups arrived early in the morning. It had been a long journey for these weary travelers. They settled into the hotel while Yieber picked up the next arrivals with our logo.

Circle ROV logo

Midday we all walked into the main square in the center of the historical district. Plaza de Armas. It was a hot clear day because there had been a storm the night previous. A couple of people experienced sickness from the altitude, 3,345 meters – 11,900 feet, and had to return to the hotel while those lucky enough to avoid the weakness and nausea went for lunch at an Irish Pub. I know it does sound like a very cultural start eating Irish food but just ask Dani how different the Shepard’s Pie was. Everything here has Peruvian flare.

Some of the volunteers went back to their rooms after lunch to try and rest while others explored the city or chatted in the courtyard.

The group assembled again at 5pm, minus a few still adjusting to the altitude or crashed out from jet lag. We took a short, but steep walk up the cobble stoned street to a lookout over the city where we watched the transition from daylight to night. The view was spectacular!


We made our way back down to the main square where some Aussie dollars were exchanged for Peruvian soles and we headed off for diner.


Not long after we started the meal our final volunteer, Tina arrived. Salut! We are complete. The meal was unique and traditional Peruvian and a few brave souls even tried a cocktail famous in this region, Pisco Sours!

It was a great first day and the group spent time getting to know each other while Yieber explained some of the rules for negotiating and avoiding the many vendors on the streets.

We arrived back at the hotel at for an early night and I’m hoping that all slept well.
Day 2 and Misiminay, here we come!

Alison 🙂

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