High School Program

Can you make a difference?

You’re different to most travellers. When you travel, you prefer to have a purpose, to have a meaning to your journey, to do something more than just pass by… You could do a Contiki tour but that doesn’t call you… You want to step outside your comfort zone, to immerse yourself in different cultures, experience exotic foods, to make a difference and to have a once in a lifetime experience.


What will it be like?

Imagine travelling to a new country, knowing that you are going to change the lives of children, families and communities that have not had the same opportunities as us. Imagine building a house for a single mother and her 3 children. Imagine helping rehabilitate a rescued elephant that has not know a caring hand… Imagine the feeling, knowing that you have made a real difference to the people that don’t have voices to be heard

Now you can. You can travel with the purpose of making a real difference. Now imagine if you had the experience of a lifetime while you were doing this. Too good to be true? Each evening there will be new and exciting activities, like exploring ancient temples, trying different foods (including spiders and scorpians if your game!) zipping over rivers and riding in a safari truck to see lions, leopards and elephants… Well no you can travel with a purpose and have this experience.

Students Cont'd.

Adventure Included

These projects packed incredible activities; exploring ancient temples, scuba diving off tropical islands, helping rehabilitate rescued elephants, salsa dancing and so much more.

The local people are friendly and welcoming. There are always small shops and cafes available when you need some "chill" time.

You could also be helping with one of our marine-conservation projects. Our diving instructors have been PADI qualified in Canada to the highest SCUBA diving level. Upon mastering how to dive, you will use your skills to work underwater, developing the reef program, monitoring local marine-life populations and patterns

Safe programs with a big impact!

With Reach Out Volunteers you are in safe hands. We have taken thousands of volunteers on our projects from all around the world and we have never compromised on safety, quality of the project and the impact it has on the students.


Support and guidance for the entire program.

Everything is organized from the moment your group arrives to the moment your group leaves. Your own first aid qualified Project Coordinator will give you a comprehensive overview each morning on the days activities. They provide you with 24/7 support, and are there for every step of your project.

We have daily blogs that will be updated with photos and stories of the day to keep those back home updated and informed about their project.

Our Team Leaders have mobile phones and satilite phones on them 24/7 so you can always get in contact with the parents of a child.

Our project coordinators will lead by example providing many opportunities for the students to learn leadership, empathy and communication skills. And your students will receive a certificate and a letter of recommendation from Reach Out Volunteers.

Teachers Cont'd.

A high impact program.

You will definately see the impact that the students have on the lives of local villagers as well as on the endangered wildlife. However the biggest impact may well be on your students. We focus on character development outside the classroom. We assist your school and teachers develop programs that inspire students and change lives. Students step outside their comfort zone, learn new skills and experience new cultures.

For groups of 10 or more volunteers the Teacher will not be charged a program fee. If the group size exceeds 16 the Teachers airfare will also be provided at no cost. Teachers will have private rooms throughout the project, and will be advised each morning of the days activities. School groups can apply for grants to participate on a Reach Out Volunteer program.


No matter what program you choose, it will be packed with amazing and immersive activities.

Whether it is learning to dance like a Zulu in South Africa, eating insects and spiders in Cambodia, trekking into the Himalayas in Nepal or visiting ancient Temples like Angkor Wat in Cambodia or Macchu Picchu in Peru. We have you covered!

When you are not volunteering you are exploring the host country, learning about the culture and experiencing all that it has to offer! It’s just another reason why our projects are so popular!

Why Choose Reach Out Volunteers?
  • We are an Australian registered charity Non Profit. Our projects are tax deductible.
  • We have a passion for what we do. We don’t just live it, we love it and we want you to experience why we are so passionate.
  • Our projects are inspired and driven by the communities we work with.
  • Our Project Coordinators are extensively trained in team dynamics and leadership.
Can you make a diference?

Yes! Every person has the ability tvo make a diference, and this is your opportunity to reach out and help! Between 2011 and 2013, our volunteers built 18 houses for impoverished families and at-risk adolescents; they installed clean-water catchments and sanitation systems; they created simple food sources — such as fshing ponds and artifcial reefs — and built animal enclosures; and they planted sustainable vegetable gardens that beneft entire villages. From homes to classrooms, from new food sources to supplies of clean water and medications, each of our activities has made a real diference.

Get Involved: Contact Us.
So you are ready to join? Great!

The next step is to contact us and arrange a meeting. We understand you are busy and are flexible around your schedule. We can meet you face-to-face, communicate over the phone or via email.

Once we know what you want to get out your program we will:
  • Host a discussion night for parents and walk through the itinerary
  • Provide a point of contact for your group and they will answer all your questions and concerns leading up to the project.
  • Provide access to our extensive fundraising kit to help raise funds and promote your school trip.
  • Provide a Get-Ready for your trip, listing check-off items for parents leading up to the trip and how to stay up to date while the project is running.
You're in Experienced Hands

Reach Out Volunteers has taken over 5,000 volunteers from around the world on our projects. We have never had a serious accident occur on a project.

This is because we take safety seriously, from Team Leader training to regular risk assessments and all the way to evacuation plans should something ever go wrong.

Contact us

Rachel Ballantyne

email:- [email protected]

Phone:- 02 8006 1934

Rachel has overseen thousands of volunteers participating on life changing programs and looks forward to creating an exceptional experience for your students and school!

Blog: Live from Cambodia!
Want to know what your life will be like in Cambodia? Check out current and past blogs to fnd out how a Cambodian program operates.

When it’s 6 a.m. in New York, it’s 5 p.m. in the afternoon in Siem Reap! Communication with home can be tricky — but that’s where the ROV blogs can fll the void: we

provide daily updates with snippets of news and lots of photos! The blogs are updated daily while you’re in Cambodia so your friends and family can see what you’re up to.All they need to do is go to www. rovolunteers.com and choose your program.

  • Week 1: Volunteer Cambodia: Village Development and Elephant Sanctuary Program.
  • Week 2: Volunteer Cambodia: Village Immersion Program. Click on the “Live from Cambodia” tab (on the far right)
Safety is an attitude, then a practise.

We organize your program from start to finish and have a detailed itinerary ready for you from the get go. When you land at the airport in the host country you will be greeted by our Team Leaders (unless you have opted for the flight chaperone service, where you will have a representative meet you at the departing airport in your city).

Your Team Leader will provide you with an in-depth itinerary and a summary of each day's activities every morning. The Team Leader provides 24/7 support and assistance throughout the entire program. All our Team Leaders are first aid qualified and have extensive experience in the host country.

Volunteer live in shared, same-sex rooms in clean, hygienic, and safe accommodation specifically chosen for your group.

You will have access to unlimited bottled water. Restaurants have been chosen for cleanliness and ability to handle food allergies as well as the quality and taste of their food.


The months of November to January are dry in Cambodia. Humidity levels are low and there is little rainfall. Daytime temperatures are mild, while the nights are cool. The hot months are April to May, with temperatures from 30°C (86°F) to (more often) 40°C (104°F). In July, monsoons bring rainand humidity that last until October. All this water means Angkor is surrounded by fertile land and lush foliage,

but rain can also make it difcult to access the villages where we work.

What to bring

Think about your favourite clothes, shoes, and handbags and then discard those thoughts! Think practical, comfortable,and easy to wash. Think work clothes, work gloves, hats, and sunscreen.

Your program will involve lots of hard, practical work, and you won’t require precious garments or fashy jewellery. (After all, you don’t want any light to refect off glittering gold into an elephant’s ye!)


For fight and airport information, don’t forget to check your Get Ready list. You will be able to access it once you have paid your deposit.

Email [email protected] for fight details if you are doing an extension program


A Cambodian tourist visa is purchased on arrival for around US$25. Make sure you have an extra two passport photos in your hand luggage. Cambodians operate on a dual currency, but prefer U.S. dollars, so we recommend that you bring cash. A valid ATM or credit card can also be used at the airport


Although our programs are safe, we recommend you take the stress out of your trip by making sure you are fully covered for any unexpected health or travel problems that might arise, including coverage for emergency fights and hospital visits.