Horsing Around

What an amazing day! Lexie Kid Beautiful Smiles with Lexie Today we went back out to the creche for one last time to have a party with all the amazing kids we have had the privilege to spend time with this past week. Arming ourselves with toys, clothes and of course plenty of candy and treats we arrived ready to party. The kids needed no convincing to head into creche on a Saturday and couldn’t wait to start playing with us. Within seconds there were soccer balls, velcro balls and bubbles everywhere you looked. Converted Photos Cool Dudes Blowing Bubbles Everyone set to catching up with all the new friends they had made with plenty of cuddles laughs and of course plenty of selfies. Dan Kid Em Smile Marcia Double The kids of course were just as eager to get us involved with all their favourite games and were full of energy (and sugar) Hula Hoops Tyre Running Sara and Marcia trying to keep up! One thing never changed the whole week, the kids loved seeing photos of themselves. But when Ashley started videoing them things took on a whole new level. They started singing beautiful songs and laughing. To see the kids so full of joy makes all the work so worthwhile! Ashley Phone Finally it was time to say goodbye to all the amazing kids we had spent the week with knowing that they will always have a special place in all our hearts.

Group Shot

After a great lunch back in St Lucia we travelled out to iSimangaliso Park to go Horseback riding through the gamepark.
Horse Group Impala Herd Zebras 2 Nevada Horse Sarah Smile Scenery horse group 2

Going through the park we were lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing scenery every way we turned as well as meeting some of the locals. Warthogs, a breeding herd of Impala and Zebras.

For many this was the first time seeing any of these species outside of a zoo and it was an incredible way to experience their natural habitat.

To cap off the night we decided to pile into a room and watch the Disney classic “The Lion King”. A fitting end to the perfect day!
Lion King