Creche Crew: Getting Our Groove On!

Hello from St. Lucia once again!

Today was filled with fun and exciting activities! We started off our day with another delicious breakfast here at Forest Lodge, we geared up and got to work making more bricks for the kitchen and working on finishing the foundation!

TJ left us all a note for breakfast

TJ left us all a note for breakfast

Unfortunately we ran out of cement for the day, so we’ll be finishing the floor of the kitchen early tomorrow morning, and then get started on putting up the walls!

IMG_7744 IMG_7772

Little guy helping us out by shoveling some sand

Little guy helping us out by shoveling some sand

She fell asleep in Rachel's arms!

She fell asleep in Rachel’s arms!

IMG_7764 IMG_7759 IMG_7758 IMG_7757 IMG_7754 IMG_7750 IMG_7746

Since our work day was a bit shorter than usual, I decided to take everyone to the beach to see the Indian Ocean. It’s pretty swift and cold, so we didn’t swim, but we did see a few hippos from a distance before heading back to town to get ready for dinner.


After dinner we all grabber our notebooks and pens and learned a bit of Zulu to use everyday in the communities, followed up by getting to see our first group of Zulu dancers! Everyone lapped up what the dancers were throwin down, and one guy even did a front flip! But by far, the best was TJ’s face as she watched them do everything; she (any everyone else,) enjoyed it so much!


We wrapped up the night by making s’mores and enjoying a fire.

The girls wanted to say hey, so here they are! See you all tomorrow!



IMG_7807 IMG_7922 IMG_7895 IMG_7874 IMG_7842 IMG_7827 IMG_7822 IMG_7820 IMG_7815

Hi, this is Jag! We have had such an amazing time at the creche for the second day in a row. So many more fun days ahead!


Hey ya’ll this is Kiki, poppin’ in to say hey!!! Loving everything and everyone here in St Lucia! Each day is such hard work, but a great experience and so rewarding. The kids are literally the cutest ever, I might just have to take one home (just kidding Mom). Anyways, thats all I got for now, see ya later alligators!

Sup amigos, Ebs here… this week has been phemon, the kids are too cute to handle and we are slowly building the soup kitchen for the new creche. Casey took us on a walk today, which basically killed us (feel free to heckle him) but then made up for it by supplying us with delicious hot smores (is that how you spell it?) oh and rach is practically half Zulu with the way she can dance, she was dropping it like it was hot all over the joint! This place is paradise. Peace and love from St Lucia xx ps we saw our first wild elephant in a field on the side of the road!!!!!!90

Heyy this is Hannah (lee-smith) since there is four of us! having such an incredible time!!! Working with the kids and building the soup kitchen has been so rewarding, quite a work out but so amazing 😛  Tonight we just experienced the most amazing zulu dance performance, I swear I have never laughed so hard, it was incredible!  Just wanna say quicklyyy kloe mum and dad missing youuu 😀 love <3 from St Lucia.


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