So last night was Friday night and was supposed to be an early night as we knew we had to be up very early to be able to get to the game park tomorrow after dawn to have the best chance of viewing the reserves predators but that somehow wasn’t the case lol

What seems to be the norm every evening is to sit around and tell stories as you well know and after hearing most of them we don’t think anything can surprise us anymore haha . We also had another gauntlet thrown down , somehow the conversation turned to the cinnamon challenge where you have to swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon without choking or being sick etc .. Oomps threw down the gauntlet and Ben accepted .

After preparing for the worst by standing outside just in case and with plenty of water at hand the challenge began .. no what normally happens is that because it is sooo dry people just cough out clouds of cinnamon and are normally sick everywhere but both of them did pretty well and managed to keep everything inside much to our surprise .. although Ben did cheat a little and hid some saliva under his tongue to help him out haha .. well that was boring .. we were expecting something a lot more entertaining haha .

Anyway most of us ended up hitting the sack between 10 and 11 as it was going to be a 4am wake up call ready to leave at 4:30 !! What are they doing to us ..!! lol .

Much to Bertie and Ben’s surprise everyone was up and on time and even EARLY which they said is unheard of . Passing by Oomps’s tent we say goodbye for the last time and wish him well on his new adventures before setting of on our own  .
So as we said yesterday we would be spending most of the day in Hluhluwe/Imfolozi game reserve

Hluhluwe/Imfolozi Game Reserve is situated in the southern section of the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park. This KwaZulu-Natal park is the oldest game reserve in South Africa. It was established in 1895. Today, the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park is world renowned for its White Rhino conservation and its Centenary Capture Centre is setting exceptional standards for animal capture and sustainable utilization in Africa.

We began the day with a light breakfast before loading up the safari vehicles splitting up into 2 teams , entered the park making sure to keep our eyes and ears peeled in the hope of some great sightings .. now we could chat about everything we saw but I think we shall just let the pictures talk for themselves … !!

P1120731 P1120734 P1120737 P1120741 P1120742 P1120743 P1120747 P1120748 P1120753 P1120758 P1120760 P1120762 P1120795 P1120789 P1120785 P1120784 P1120778 P1120806 P1120804 P1120803 P1120800 P1120798 P1120816 P1120815 P1120814 P1120812 P1120807
WOW !! Although a little bit chilly at times we had such a fantastic day and had some very lekker sightings !! It was a bit of a shame we didn’t manage to see any of the main predators/cats but luck just wasn’t on our side today as they were spotted on the other side of the reserve to us in the morning and we wouldn’t have had time to get there .. but it was a great experience nonetheless .
Departing the park at around 2pm we caught the bus back to St Lucia which is about an hours drive and where we will be settling down for the last week of our adventure . Arriving at Forest Lodge our accommodation we are stunned !! 4* luxury it is for the next week .. SAY WHAAAAAAT !! GET IN !! Cosy little 2 rooms flatlets with air con , en suite showers and a cool little pool deck .

P1120818 P1120817

P1120819 P1120820
We split up into our room groups and get settled in ready to relax on an overcast Saturday afternoon and have a bit of a nap as we are all shattered from the early morning . Then all of a sudden Ben comes running into our rooms and turns on the TV .. what film has literally just started .. THE LION KING !! Haha can you believe it .. talk about a coincidence !!

As some of us took the time to chill out and relax , some of us decided to head into town and check things out and pick up a few bits and pieces for the week . Dinner would be at 7 and this evening we planned on heading into town and having a bit of a good time to celebrate and toast our first week … what happens from here on out is between us .. and not for your ears !!  .

Oh by the way … if you were still wondering what BBB stands for , as it has been slightly modified we can now tell you haha .. so our team from now on shall be Ben’s Bantering Bogans . And Bertie as he is a little older than us he shall now be known as Banta Claus … get it .. :p lol .