It’s Rambo!

What a great day!!

The volunteers had a lot of exciting activities! The main one being visiting Rambo! It is one of the most interactive experiences with the animals during the project week. Rambo is an African bull elephant and loves when the volunteers come to visit him!

Rambo the African bull elephant

After learning more about his background, the volunteers got the chance to actually feed him! Once up close they were also felt his skin and even the inside of his mouth!

Feeling the inside of his mouth

After lunch we went to an area of the game park to remove an invasive plant species. Animals like rhinos and impalas cannot eat it because it is poisonous. They also keep all the other plants from getting enough moisture to survive. The volunteers absolutely crushed it and cleared an area twice the size of what we were supposed to!

Jaid after pulling up the biggest plant

The rest of the night we played some group games. There was a gorgeous fire, and we even heard some lions in the background! We have even more going on tomorrow, so check back in then!

A group of volunteers playing Werewolves