We can’t believe its day 7 already!

This morning was spent packing bags and eating breakfast, as unfortunately it was time to leave the game park, say our goodbyes and head to St Lucia. It was certainly a windy drive there and a few shortcuts were taken but we made it safely and got settled into our new accommodation. Now to say the accommodation was nice is kind of an understatement…its gorgeous here! Surrounded by forest, hot water on tap (not having to light fires for warm showers) and excitingly…more than one PowerPoint! I’m sure you at home have felt the transition of our two locations as there is Wi-Fi here and everyone was excited to call or message home and fill everyone in on our adventures so far!

After settling in we headed for a brief walk around town. The town takes approximately 10 minutes along the main road to reach the other end, but it has everything we need. The vibe here is very relaxed and happy…the perfect location.

After a delicious lunch as always it was time for a walk around the area. Now I know I said the town was only a ten minute walk, but what’s around the town took us approximately 2 ½ hours! We walked through the forest, along the estuary, on a boardwalk, along the beach and eventually back into the town. Although it was hot and we were all sweating up a storm it was a great walk and worth the effort! Now onto the Hippo and Croc Cruise!
Being just mere metres away from a hippo on a boat was pretty amazing. They are HUGE and adorable but they are also the biggest killer of people in Africa as many people underestimate them. Hearing their grunting and yawning was incredible up close! We also saw crocs, many species of birds and just enjoyed being out on the water and feeling the breeze in our hair. We made it back to the dock by sunset and headed back for dinner. It was an incredible way to start our time in St Lucia and tomorrow we are going to be riding horses and getting reading for the hard work at the crèche. Spirits have never been higher!

Until tomorrow
~ Jess

Finding trees to climb

Finding trees to climb

Hanging on the docks

I think the best photo of the day! At the beach, on the sand dunes

Courtney and Kristy close to the hippos!

Elli getting REALLY close!

Tegan, Sarah and Katie enjoying the ride

Yawning :)

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