Seriously, these guys have been so much fun to hang out with the last two weeks. There has been nonstop laughter, they’re all go-getters and always willing to do whatever job needs to be done and have made this entire experience amazing for everyone! It was our last day at the crèches today, and it was one last hoorah of a day! We put our backs into more work and the progress we’ve made is astounding. After this season, I think we’ll be able to move on to another place! We’re so close!!

We were all in happy spirits this morning at breakfast knowing it would be our last full day of hard work. Our arrival was met with yet another small mob of smiling children. It’s such a great way to start the day! We collected more sand for more playground necessities and building projects, and also started on the de-weeding of the yard. It looks a heck of a lot better now that most of the area is cleared. It is amazing what a difference it makes!!DSC07183DSC07206DSC07175DSC07210

We also finished up the painting of the soup kitchen and the ceiling of the classroom. The inside is finally all finished! We can now start routing some electricity through the building and then begin bringing in the cooking materials they need to have a functional kitchen! It’s so exciting!!DSC07201

I marked my Taratory with a T and an ROV

I marked my Taratory with a T and an ROV

We painted our arms off again too by painting even more tires for the pyramid. It needs to be big big big, so we need lots of tires to complete it. The end result is going to be awesome though! Bertus is the man for thinking of such a cool idea!!DSC07209 DSC07182

The last thing we finished was the toilet block. We plastered the entire outside and the inside of it, so now all we have to do is dig a septic tank and get it up and working. There’s still so much more to be done, but it’s incredible all the work we’ve gotten done in the last week. I can’t tell you how proud I am of them for their drive to finish everything and their undying energy everyday. You’ve raised some pretty incredible people, and we’re so thankful to have met each and every one of them.DSC07193DSC07212DSC07221DSC07217DSC07224

Well we can’t quite believe that it is our last day working at the crèche  it has been a long and arduous week especially at the old crèche site but it has gone soo fast which is quite upsetting as it kind of feels like a second home now and will be hard to leave all these lovely children behind … but we still have this last day to prove ourselves and get as much finished as possible for the sake of the kids .

P1090364 P1090366 P1090370
The plan today is to go all out and not stop until our goal is reached and we are ready !!! So after arriving on site and gathering all of our tools we delicate the jobs out between us all and get stuck in . We have been told that we need to get at least 5 block mixes done today which should give us a total of around 115 blocks and in this hot weather it really won’t be easy as it is exhausting work .

P1090371 P1090372 P1090373 P1090375
Kass , Nicole , Kali and Connor are first up and to try and get things going a little quicker it was decided to make a double mix which will take slightly longer to produce but will give us more blocks in a shorter amount of time and they got stuck right in ! They first had to move the blocks made earlier in the week to create some space and sweep the area so they had a clean slate on which to work from .

P1090377 P1090379 P1090382 P1090386
Cori took on the task of painting the extended tyre snake with a great idea of using the second colour to make our handprints on the tyres with as a sign off and signature from each one of us !!  Lara and Karla began helping James with a last push to get as much of the soup kitchen built as possible which will be difficult once we get to a certain height as we don’t have the scaffolding today .

P1090389 P1090391 P1090394 P1090396
Shaylee and Haylee got the varnishing started on the crèche which started to look like new eve after the first few strokes were applied and Ariana continued with the sanding down of the coloured poles which fence off the paved area outside the front of the crèche .

Everything started to come together really well and the pace of the group today was astounding at one point it looked like we might run out of work lol . After a couple of hours we switched up and the girls took over the second double block mix which had already been made by guide Richard and T.L Ben ( how nice of them ) so the next 50 blocks or so would be finished much quicker and everyone has got the hang of actually making the bricks really well with hardly any crumbling now !! Turning into pros !!

P1090398 P1090399 P1090403
Karla took over varnishing with Lara and Connor and Shaylee hopped in to help James with construction while the others carried on sanding .. lunch couldn’t come soon enough as we were all famished but it ended just as fast as it had come upon us and we only had 2 hours left to get finished so yet again it was time to crack on again .

P1090406 P1090405 P1090411 P1090415 P1090416
We grabbed an extra bag of cement from the other crèche so we could finish off the day with yet another double block mix making it 6 in total… a record for the week !! Cori and Karla finished off the varnishing and the rest of us donned sandpaper and somehow managed to get the inside of the coloured poles sanded down … and just as it was time to pack up and get ready to leave the crew finished the last of the blocks … do you want to know what our total was for the day … 138 !!! YES THAT’S RIGHT 138 BLOCKS MADE IN ONE DAY !! WE ARE SUPERHEROES !!

We definitely felt very proud today of all of our achievements and can safely say we have truly left our mark on this small village with all of our hard work and effort it’s just a shame our time has run out and we have to leave this beautiful place and these beautiful people .

Here are just a few pics of how much of a change we have made over the last week and if you go back to the first blog pics and see how much of a difference we have made .. we think you would be proud of us too  .

P1090410 P1090413 P1090407 P1090408 P1090417 P1090418 P1090419

Tonight we had a send-off braai as a special bbq treat on their last night in St. Lucia. Meats on meats on meats!! Busi is so great for cooking for us all week and making some delicious meals! Tomorrow, Ben will take most of the group back to Durban to fly out on Saturday 🙁 🙁 🙁 while I stay here with the remaining few to take them on the track and trail extension. If one of your kids is staying for the extension, you can find the updates on this blog for the next week. Ben will also be updating it for the last couple of days separately, but we just want to say thank you for following us everyday!

Until tomorrow!!

-The greatest leader duo ever! (Ben and Tara)

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