African miss you guys already!

It was a sorrow-filled day today as everyone set out on their way to the airport departures. It was extremely hard for us all to let go and say goodbye to friends we’ve made over the last two weeks. Hugs and tears and “see you soons” were murmured each round of shuttle pick ups. It began at 4:30 this morning sending Abby and Jourdan on their way to Cape Town, then Kate and Stacey at 7am. The rest of us got to have one last breakfast together nearby and share some of our favorite memories of the trip with each other.DSCN1327

After that, we sent off the majority of the group (Colleen, Arin, Tori, Mia, Morgan, Tarin, Kelly, and Gabby) until we were left with four. Taylor, Karan, Kayla and Grace were the last to depart. We went to get Nando’s for lunch, which neither Taylor nor Kayla have ever had before. It’s mostly chicken. As plain and boring as that sounds, it is definitely not! It is so delicious, and I know we all enjoyed having one last South African meal before they went on their way too.DSCN1331 DSCN1330 DSCN1328

Now everyone is on their way back to you and I am crossing my fingers that each of them get home with no delays, complications or too much exhaustion.

I cannot even describe how special this group has been the past two weeks. We have bonded so much that it feels like we’ve all known each other for years. The toughest part is always saying goodbye, but we know we’re all going to see each other again one day. This group has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I really couldn’t have asked for better! They are all so well rounded, positive, hardworking and joys to be around. They each have so many wonderful qualities that I know will make them go far in life. They have certainly changed my life, and know that we have made a positive impact on each other. I feel honored to call them all my friends, and our memories will always be dear to my heart. I can’t wait to see them all and say, “Remember that one time in Africa?” Thank you for allowing them all to become apart of the reach out family! I love you all, and wish you all the best in your lives. I have no doubt that you will all do amazing things and continue to be the most incredible people I know!

Thank you so much to all of you at home who kept up with the blog. I’m so happy to see how many people were keeping up with it daily and commenting. I’ve never had so many comments on my blogs, and it’s great that you could all be involved in our time here! Thanks for making such incredible people for me to hang out with for two weeks!! Even though you’ve been apart of it, I know they still have lots of stories and memories that they’ll share with you when they’re home. I know as sad as they are to go, they are so excited to have you waiting for them at home. I hope you’re prepared!!

If you want to continue to support the projects that Reach out Volunteers runs, we would greatly appreciate any contribution to the Reach Out volunteer Charity. 100% of all donations go into on-ground projects to continue to support these communities when volunteers aren’t around.
If you would like to make a donation, follow the link below.
Thank you so much for your support and you will be seeing your loved ones soon!!

Until next time, and thanks again!

The Last Sign off of Team Leader Tara

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