Annoying Flora, Amazing Fauna

An early breakfast in the middle of the game park was in order this morning. Eggs, cereal, toast and spreads was our fuel for the day…it was time to work hard, get sweaty and use some good ol fashion elbow grease! Today our task was to clear an area of an invasive plant species called Comalina and lantana.. It’s a species that takes over habitats of native plants and was also introduced from places like Australia. As with every plant in Africa, it was spiky with big thorns! We donned the gloves and the bug spray, pulled up our socks and got to work!

I have to say I’m very impressed with the enthusiasm and work ethic of the group. Even though it was sweltering hot, no one ever wavered and continued stong. Our huge piles of weeds and the cleared space was evidence of our hard work! It was satisfying and hard work, so we headed back to camp to cool down and get ready for the afternoon. What was on you may ask? Why cheetahs of course!!

The afternoon was spent at a cheetah sanctuary. Unfortunately cheetahs are highly endangered in Africa and this sanctuary has a breeding program that releases them back into the wild. Others at the sanctuary have been raised in a domestic environment, and therefore cannot be released back out but they are being used for breeding purposes. This also meant there were cheetahs we could meet!! As well as some amazing few month old cubs!! I’ll let the photos do the talking 🙂 But being this close to such a rare and majestic big cat was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Afterwards, it was back to camp for a scrumptious dinner and an early night…tomorrow we get up at 4am to track rhinos! Exciting times!
Hope alls well back home 🙂

Until tomorrow
~ Jess


Baby cheetahs!

Baby cheetahs!

Some wild volunteers

Some wild volunteers

A cheetah! :)

A cheetah! 🙂

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