Another Creche Day <3<3

Hello hello hello!

So surprisingly we had a very similar day to yesterday, so this may be a bit of a shorter blog post. We started today by going to the creche again. We had another full day of project work ahead of us, and as per usual, the volunteers were so keen to get going with it!

One of the best parts is that today we focused a lot on painting. Specifically, we finally got the chance to start painting and decorating the outside of the building! It really is starting to look like a completed creche and I know the volunteers are already so excited to see all the kids that it is going to impact.

Speaking of the kids: the best way to celebrate a hard days work is seeing those beautiful smiling faces. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but some of these kids literally just want to be held by the volunteers, and that brings more joy and smiles to the faces than anything else could.

We finished off by going for one last night drive around the city we are staying in. We were trying to find some hippos out of water, but it wasn’t our luckiest night! Unfortunately we didn’t find many animals, but thankfully we had amazing company along for the drive so it didn’t really matter.

We have a really exciting and amazing day ahead of us tomorrow, so be sure to stay tuned for that post!



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