Beach Day!

Hola everybody!

Thankfully after having such a productive day at the crèche, we had the day of today. But that doesn’t mean we had nothing to do. The volunteers went to a gorgeous game park for one last chance to see beautiful animals during the day.

We visited a local game park and saw some more beautiful animals. This involves seeing Kudu, one of the largest and most amazing antelope.

Not only did we go on the game drive, but we also spent some time at the beach! It was so nice to finally meet our hair down, relaxing and just enjoy the ocean and sand. It was obviously a great time to take pictures with the gorgeous scenery.

In the evening we got a little goofy and started our very own sing-a-long. Whether it was Africa or Can’t Wait To Be King, everybody was living it!

After supper at finished off with a trivia night. Especially with the randomness of some of these questions, the volunteers knew a surprising amount! They did so well with all the odd facts they seemed to know.

We are headed back to the crèche tomorrow, and I can already feel the good vibe and energy! Can’t wait for it!


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