New Friend and New Food


Wow, what a cracker of a day! We had a bright and early start (goggles packed, fins on) ready to tackle some shark diving! Unfortunately the weather had other plans, so we were unable to get on the boat. Rest assured, we have plenty of other great activities ahead of us!

Ken, Brooke, Josie and Emily are already looking like Reach Out legends!

It was a near perfect sunny day, with a tad extra wind. Obviously a bunch of the volunteers headed to the beach to take advantage of it! They did get a little hot and decided to cool off with a beer.

Having a beer to cool down from the beach.

A lot of the day consisted of picking up and meeting even more volunteers! Our family is just about complete and we’re already feeling the love!

Neil and Jason about head to the accommodation.

We obviously had to have a close dinner to celebrate, and what better way than over the local cuisine: bunny chow! It is like a curry, typically made with mutton!

Alex, Blake, Maya and Dalila enjoying some bunny chow.

We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow. We will finally be headed on the bus towards the game park where we are going to see so many beautiful animals! It will be our first Reach Out road trip–can’t wait!

Blog you later!

Bunny chow!

Natalie, Katie, Ken and Dalila digging in!

Jaid, MyQail, Neil and Spencer caught full of food!

Brooke, Addie, Josie, Brittany, Olivia, and Hannah loving new food and company.