Big knives and big cats

This morning it was an early start! Breakfast of delicious scrambled eggs, toast, cereal, yogurt and fruit. Once we were all filled up, it was time to head out into the game park and start some hard work 🙂

Our main task of the day was to remove invasive species in the game park…unfortunately most of which have been introduced from Australia…eek! Unfortunately they weren’t the lovely smooth kind of invasive plant, rather and extremely prickly and hardy one! Never the less, the volunteers put there muscles to work using machetes and spades and pure brute force to tear them out. HUGE piles were made and we will come back later in the week for a celebratory bonfire.

There wasn’t a volunteer who didn’t come back dusty and with a few scratches! By the time we got back to camp, and after being refuelled by lunch, we had time to clean up and relax before the afternoons adventure.

This is where the real fun begins! We were making our way to the cheetah rehabilitation centre! Excitement was high and for a good reason, we were mere hours from seeing and TOUCHING a cheetah up close!
Unfortunately, cheetahs are incredibly endangered and this centre not only dedicates it’s time and resources to protecting and breeding cheetahs, but also breeding other rare cat species as well. These include African Wild Cats, Servals and Caracals…beautiful animals. Lots of awww’s and ahhh’s as we got to see feeding time. I think the smiles on the faces of the volunteers really expresses how amazing it was to touch and meet these incredible big cats.

It was a contented ride home to camp to be greeted by a warm fire a delicious dinner! The rest of our night is being spent around a fire, toasting marshmallows and telling tall stories, under the beautiful savannah night sky with unparalleled bright stars!

Tomorrow we wake up at 4am to go rhino tracking…it’s safe to say it will be an early night 🙂

Until tomorrow!

~ Jess








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