Bless the Rains!

Heyo everybody,

So the rains down in Africa came…and they may have prevented us from doing work on the creche. But that didn’t stop us! We found some used tires!

Obviously we got to painting them. The volunteers got so into it and really brought out their creative sides. There were so many amazing designs and beautiful colors.

All these tires are going to be used for a tire pyramid. The volunteers will build it in the next few days. The kids in the creche absolutely love playing on them, and will last them for a long time.

We even got the chance to learn how to make bunny chow! We are it earlier in our trip here, but the cooking lesson really put the cherry on top. Now the volunteers can make it for all of you when they get home!

When we got back we also went to a cultural Zulu village! The volunteers got the chance to learn so much more about their clothing, their relationships, food and drink, and of course their dancing! Everybody had the most amazing time and was involved with the dancing!

We finished the day with some delicious food! And after that we played a game of superlatives. It helped us get to know the group even better at this point! But that’s about it for tonight!



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