Well family and friends the time has finally come to say goodbye to this wonderful place πŸ™ It’s a very sad time for us as it is going to be soo hard to actually get back on that plane because we have made some incredible new friends and feel like this is now our second home .

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I honestly don’t think we can put into words how special the last 2 weeks have been and how much of an impact it has made on us and our futures and we cannot thank everyone enough for this opportunity , it truly had been life changing .

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But for now it is time to pack up our bags throw around some hugs ( maybe a few tears ) and head back home to you all … who we have missed and cannot wait to tell you all about our adventures and make you sit through countless hours of pictures and stories mwahahaha ..

THANK YOU REACH OUT and THANK YOU AFRICA !! You will always be in our hearts .

Just a quick message from Ben and Tara …

We really couldn’t stand having you all here !!! …. PRANK WARS !! HAHAHA

In all honesty We would just like to say that having the Bushbros with us for this past 2 weeks has been truly amazing and all of you will always hold a special place in our hearts , you really are incredible people and we cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work , effort and great laughs over the past few weeks . And hopefully if all comes together we may both see you in Cambodia at some point .. let’s make it happen !! :p

But for now .. and only for now this is goodbye .. please don’t forget us haha who are we kidding .. we are unforgettable :p !!

I want to say thank you for all those parents and friends who have followed the blogs (and especially those that commented along the way!).
I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you.
If you would like to continue to support the projects that Reach Out Volunteers runs, we would greatly appreciate any contribution to the Reach Out Volunteers Charity. 100% of all donations go to on-ground projects to continue to support these communities when volunteers aren’t around.
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Thank you so much for your support and you will be seeing your loved ones soon, no doubt you’ll be hearing all their stories too.

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