Cheetahs and Wild Cats

A little update from the Reach Out Office. As this week the group is at the Game Park, our Team Leader Tegan will do her best to upload photos and stories of the days activities.

Unfortunately the reception wasn’t strong yesterday, so we called Tegan for a run-down of the days activities to make sure everyone is kept updated!

Here is what she had to say…

G’day g’day and how ya going?

Today was fantastic!
We started our journey to the game park with some killer tunes on the bus ride!

Then we got up close and personal with a variety of wild cats and cheetahs! It was amazing to see this animals up-close and to learn about how many of them have been rescued and are in the process of being rehabilitated.

After visiting the sanctuary we were picked up in our own personal safari vehicles! Everyone was soo eager to hop in the safari vehicles for the authentic Africa experience!

As it was a hot day today, one of the vehicles over heated, which left us pulled over on the side of the road, but never fear, we just had a sing off between both cars and we were back on the road in no time, still waiting for bheki to show us his dance moves though 😉

When we arrived in the game park there was already giraffes, zebras and impalas roaming around, what amazing creatures!

Bheki our assistant Team Leader (who will be teaching us Zulu as well as how to track the animals) told us some pretty funny stories about Dung Beetles. You will have to ask us when we return home! 😏

After we settled in, the two vehicles went on a game drive and one group got to see a huge elephant 2 metres away, it really got our hearts pumping but was incredible to see!

Photos to come once there is better internet

Kind regards,