Cos we’re in Africa :p !!

What a successful first day! We woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning and took off in our big ol van to the game park.


Before arriving at the park, however, we decided to make a pit stop at a Wild Cat Rehabilitation Center. There, we learned all about the native African cats and their special attributes. These cats have been placed in a rehab center because they are either domesticated animals who have lost their instincts or they have been injured in the and are recovering to eventually be let back into the wild again. We got the chance to pet many of the cats including a Serval, Caracal, African Wild Cat and a Cheetah. That’s right, we all got to pet a Cheetah.



It was a bit intimidating petting such an incredible wild cat, but it was thrilling at the same time. Getting up close and personal to a creature like that is an unforgettable experience! Afterwards, we enjoyed some lunch and then swapped into some safari jeeps for the rest of the ride to the game park.


When we entered the park, we were immediately transported into a new world. We saw giraffes, warthogs, impalas and all kinds of African creatures. Everyone was so excited! We’re all staying in tents equipped with a campfire in the middle right in the middle of this park. I think I speak for everyone saying that they really feel like they’re in Africa now.



Tomorrow we’ll begin our work at the park as well as some safari drives and bush walks. Unfortunately, the pictures are having a hard time uploading with our internet connection, so we will do our very best to upload what we can each day as we are in the middle of the African Bush and it’s very difficult to obtain a decent signal here . But we will strive to do our best 🙂


Mom and Dad ( Tara and Ben )

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