Courtney is cool

Hey guys,

Volunteer Courtney here reporting from Africa with today’s blog. Where to start?! We’ve officially nearly finished the creche that we’ve been working on and it’s getting so exciting! With 2 walls completed and the other 2 half done; everyone is getting sooo determined to finish this! We did run into a little trouble over splitting bricks to construct the window frames but when we got it right it was the best feeling ever!!

Tonight we got the chance to cook our own Braai (which is an Africa BBQ) which involves cooking over coals. It was certainly an experience to try and get the fire started but once it was everything went along smoothly! After we successfully cooked dinner without burning it we made dessert which was pineapple coated in sugar and cooked over the coals with melted chocolate over the top. If you have never tried this we all highly recommend it! It was actually the most amazing thing!!!

Well, gotta go catch some sleep to recharge for a more amazing last day tomorrow!

Volunteer Courtney signing off