Crèche, crèche, crèche!

Hey ,
Ah sorry!
And also I’m Ace, one of the volunteers on this glorious adventure!
Oh today was interesting. 7am breakfast led onto the half an hour drive to the crèche! Arrival was greeted by beautiful smiling kids. Super keen to see us and greet us. We then split up into 4 groups, one made new bricks from hand, another painted the crèche that has already been built by previous volunteers. Group three went on to plaster up another crèche in the making and then group 4, and may I say the best group had to de plant and dig up the foundation for a brand new crèche!
Hours of strenuous work resulted in a delicious lunch made by our chef Busi and cuddles from some gorgeous kids. Oh god yeah.
We then swapped areas and re-started all our roles again for a couple more hours!
After all of our beautiful work we were treated to a sunset cruise were we spotted some nile crocodiles and the insanely huge hippos!
After all that it was time to go back home to our accomodation and we arrived back at 6:30pm!
Dinner was served shortly after and then most hit the free wifi to catch up on the world around us.
Bed time approaching now and so signing off. Free day tomorrow so going to hit the St Lucia markets and enjoy the scenery! Prime jandles!
Ace xx

Ben making his first brick and it was a perfect one!

Ps. It’s teegs’ dad’s birthday so Happy birthday Alan!