Creche Crew: Finishing the Foundation!

What’s up guys!

This morning we made a new friend who is traveling with us for these next few weeks: Meet Milton, the traveling crab with a lucky claw! (Because it’s a “teeny” claw.)


Milton. He's a crab.

Milton. He’s a crab.

Today we got it in gear and managed to pull off the toughest feat of all: finishing the foundation of the kitchen! Two groups have worked incredibly hard to make this dream happen and now it’s finally done! WOOHOO!

IMG_7927 IMG_7933 IMG_7935 IMG_7939 IMG_7943

After we mixed and laid the last bit of cement (and wrote our names in it, of course,) we started to lay the bricks to build the walls. Hopefully when we return next week we’ll be able to help with the roof.







At the end of our day of sweat and playing with the adorable kiddos, we all gathered up inside the floor of the kitchen to take a swag-tastic photo and show off our hard work!

It's finished! Hooray!

It’s finished! Hooray!

Tomorrow morning we head out to the game park to get our fill of safari animals, clearing of invasive plant species and having lots of fun without wifi! (I’m still not sure how some of these girls will handle being without Instagram, but I bet they’ll find the nature around them scenic enough to take plenty of selfies to upload next week when we return to St. Lucia!)

Be sure to look out for our new blog titles that will start with “Gamepark Gangsters” so you don’t get the groups mixed up!


Until next time!


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