Creche Day!

Howdy y’all! So today may have been a perfect day. I know I may write that a lot, but it’s pretty hard when you have a group as amazing as this one!

We had another day at the creche (finally) and were able to put in even more work towards finishing the classroom! I swear they worked even harder than Saturday (if that’s even possible), and so much more plastering and floor topping was finished. Not to mention the brick making and painting!

Still, one of the best parts is easily playing with all the kids. They are always just so excited for when the volunteers finally arrive at the beginning of the day, and it makes every second of the hard work just that much more worth it. Check out these cute pictures!

After finishing up at the creche and playing with the kids, we went to a traditional Zulu village! We got the chance to learn so much more about all of their culture and traditions, not to mention actually getting to try on their clothes and partake in another Zulu dance! At the very end of it all, the whole group went out for sushi just to mix up the pace of delicious food we have been eating. But that’s all about it for now!



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