Crèche life – Part two!

Another day and another awesome productive time at the crèche. We continued all our jobs from yesterday but also started some new ones…building the soup kitchen patio, roofing, and painting the main inside crèche area. It’s all hands on deck and for 7 girls we are getting so much done! Everyday we head back to our lodge, covered in paint, mud, and permanent dirt under our fingernails…lucky there’s no boys around to see us! Haha! Only kids, and as always they are playful, cheeky, energetic and adorable. It’s going to be so hard to say goodbye!

After freshening up on our arrival back to the lodge and having some dinner we went on a night drive around St Lucia…boy did we see some sites! First up we saw some bush babies, possum like animals but WAY cuter with huge eyes. Next up we saw a huge crocodile on one of the boat ramps just sitting there…it caught a fish while we were there and make us all jump! We saw bush busk and even an African Wild Cat! Very rare to see! Onwards down the road until we bumped into a hippo! They weren’t lying when they said there are just hippos walking down the street here, we ran into at least 4 more! Hippos are so big and they look so fat and slow but the are one of the most dangerous animals around…don’t sorry we were in the safely of our safari vehicle! I apologise for the photo of the hippo, it was really hard to capture their immense size and presence in the dark. A great night!

Until tomorrow 🙂
~ Jess










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