Creche party and lions! (not at the same time of course)

The last couple of days have completely flew by, after meeting Rambo and his family at the elephant encounter we headed back to the game reserve where we split up the groups again to go rhino tracking or to do a game count! Unfortunately the other group did not see a rhino, saw all of the markings, could hear the rhino running, even smelled it too but sadly the bush was to thick and the rhino eluded them.  On the game count we learned how the professionals did it with spotters on each side, one person with the range finder and a scribe we set off and managed to record over 60 kinds of animals.
Even with getting up close and personal with the elephants the highlight of this day was definitely during  the braii and sitting around the fire (at least in my opinion). On the grill was sausage and pork chops with delicious cooked veggies on the side followed by homemade icecream and chocolate syrup!! After dinner was our social night with games and everyone even participated in a talent show. Knew everyone was amazing on this trip already but I didn’t know there were so many talents to be shown! This night ended like every other, by gazing upon the endless stars in complete awe.
The next morning we set off in our groups but switched the bush walk and camera traps from the other day. They captured a leopard on the camera this time and we were able to track giraffe and get up close and personal! After breakfast the group was taken back out to find a rhino and this time struck gold with a momma and a baby rhino!! In the afternoon we were taken out to a secluded area of the reserve where we performed a snare sweep along the perimeter and managed to not only fix portions of the fence but remove close to 10 animal traps!  Afterwards we headed to the top of one of the nearby mountains and were able to soak in literally the most beautiful sunset on earth. Last night was a early one as we had to wake up at 4 am to go to a big 5 game reserve for a safari. We managed to see almost all 4 of the big 5 rhino, buffalo, elephants, and even lions!!!
After the excitement of all these animals we headed to the creche one last time to have a party with the kids. Handing out snacks and playing games, the fun never ended until it was time to leave and head back to the hotel 🙁 .
But now we are all headed out to dinner and getting excited for tomorrow at Cape Vidol.
With 40 people on WiFi again ill try to post pictures after everyone has gone to sleep. So until then, cheers!