Dancing and midday cruises

Good evening one and all, starting off the day with a walk on a small trail through some jungle and made our way to a Hippo and croc cruise. On lake St. Lucia there is a population of over 600 hippos with crocodiles and even bull sharks that have been trapped there when they closed the estuary off to the ocean 15 years ago. On the cruise we had the chance to spot, well obviously crocs and hippos but also rare birds and monitor lizards. With the cruise coming to a wrap we headed back to the accommodation for lunch and then headed off to the zulu village for some cultural immersion. Here we were lead around by a guide who showed us around the old recreated village. Due to it being traditional beliefs men went first in everything, so of course the jokes ensued. Showing us the men huts, woman huts, and then the chieftain huts, we learned the lives of most the people in a village. Zulu woman showed emotion and availability by the beads that they wore around their necks and on their clothes.  Black meaning angry, green being happy and red in love. Had the opportunity to try zulu beer and traditional medicine as well and what a surprise that  was!  They gathered us around a fire where they showed us the traditional fight, marriage, and other dances  all while bringing us up to give them all a try. Visiting the Zulu village is so amazing because you really feel like you traveled back 200 years ago to the King Shaka ruled nation of zulu land.

After we headed back for dinner and had to stay indoors as it is unfortunately raining. But that won’t stop us from working at the creche tomorrow.

Peace Out

  • Justin

P.s. Tyler smells.


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