Elephants, lions and rhinos! OH MY!

Hey Everyone

Today was a treat!
We started off the day heading to elephant interaction and on the way we saw our first wild lion!

The morning blessed us with some much needed rain but even though we were wet, our spirits were high and the volunteers got to meet Rambo the big African bull elephant and his wife Rachael and son jabolani (which volunteer beau has the same Zulu name now!)

We ended the evening with a productive discussion about whether we should legalise the rhino horn market or not and how they will help wildlife conservation!

After dinner we went on a fun night drive so see the game park in a different light 😉 get it?!?

From all the interesting discussions today, we can’t wait to learn telemetry to track rhinos tomorrow…

More to come…

Hey everyone!
Nick found a turtle

Beau and Natascha working hard

Photo from the Cheetah rehabilitation centre on Monday

From Tegan