Final day at the creche

Hello all you lovely people!

So it might start to sound worn out, but today was another great day! Another perfect day if you may say!

So it was our final day on the crèche and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. Not to mention it was the best activities for the day. The volunteers have all been working so hard that we thought it best to give them the chance to paint and decorate the crèche building! They did so fantastic and it looks absolutely amazing! The kids that are going to attend this crèche are so freakin’ lucky.

To end off the crèche day, we had a party with the children. We passed out the donations as well as took so many pictures. It was very difficult to say goodbye. But we know that they we have impacted their lives and they are better because of what we did here. The rest of the day was mostly hanging out and enjoying our last day all together. It is so hard to believe how fast the past two weeks have gone. But this family has grown together so fast that we know this isn’t even close to the end (not to mention there is another day together)

See you on the next blog tomorrow!