First day at the Creche!☀️

Hello all you lovelies!

We had a near perfect day! We started off the morning with a delicious breakfast before heading out to our first day on the creche.

The volunteers must have been preparing for this trip because they did so well on the creche! Today we focused a lot plastering, painting, making bricks, and starting the flooring of the classroom.

Due to the effort of the volunteers, we got so much done already on just the first day! But obviously one of the best parts of the day was playing with the kids. They are so happy and just steal your heart. It took no time at all for all of us to realize that and join in on it instantly!

We just started to get some of the good photos before we had to leave for some of the later day activities. Speaking of which, we almost immediately left for a sunset boat cruise after getting back from the creche. On this cruise we went looking for hippos and crocodiles. Boy, did we ever find them! There were so many hippos that we probably couldn’t have counted them even if we tried to!! Not to mention we had so much fun with one another that it was one of the best experiences on the boats possible.

Just before having supper, a group of locals performed a traditional Zulu dance performance! It was so captivating and after watching it enough to get the general vibe, we even got the chance to join in. Considering they had never done it before, the volunteers did so amazing with picking up the movements and adding their own flair right off the bat.

We finished the day just hanging out and talking about life. It was a lot more that, but also a lot more difficult to capture in such few words, so I’ll leave it there.

Thanks so much for reading, and can’t wait to share more tomorrow!



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