From the game park to the creche!

Sonibona! (Zulu for ‘Hello’)

We had a bit of a relaxing and exciting day today. We had to start off bright and early because it was a travel day to get from the game park portion of the trip, to the creche week. Instead of taking the boring old highways, we opt for driving through another game park to see even more animals! The group had a good amount of luck here again and saw a lot of animals like buffalo, rhino, and elephants from the Big 5.

Shortly after lunch we arrived at our new accommodation for the second week of the project. After getting settled a bit, we got more acquainted with our surroundings and even explored the local markets. (There may have been some souvenir purchasing!) It was a good exploration and such a great city to call home for the next 7 nights.

Before eating supper we had our first official Zulu language lesson! All the volunteers have been so keen to ask questions about the language at this point, that they already had a bit of a starting base. But we learned enough to get by in a very basic conversation, and apparently should be learning our new Zulu names tomorrow!

We obviously had to end the day with hanging out, chatting, and making timeless memories 😊

But that’s about it for today! Can’t wait until tomorrow when we have our first day at the creche, so definitely be sure to stay tuned so you can read all about that!


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