Goodbyes are never easy!


Today was our last day at the creche! And no-one wanted it to be over! But wow, it was amazing to see how far we had come from the start of the week!
We filled up another three trailer loads of rubble. Piling it in..

Aaron and Jackson piling in the concrete

Then getting it out..

Jackson and Bekhi not afraid of getting dirty!

And wow oh wow, look at how clear it has gotten!

Hard work pays off

We finished the soup kitchen walls, did another two coats of paint inside, and made sure the outside was all covered too!

Jackson finished his frog!


Aaron finished his monkey!

Looking colourful!

It was then time to give out the donations that Aaron and Nathalie had brought for the kids! We had such a great time with them!

Love these guys!!

Then of course, it was time to put the last finishing touches on the wall, our handprints!!

Jackson adding his handprint!

Aaron too!

What a crazy roller coaster we have had these past two weeks. From the incredible animal encounters we have witnessed non stop, and from all the beautiful cuddles and love these kids have provided on a daily basis. It’s been a great two weeks!

Of course, one last selfie!