Happy Bday Michelle!


What’s up fam?! I apologize for the lack of interwebz. When we get back to Durban, I will do a full photo dump from this past week! The past two days have been incredible! Yesterday at the old creche, we continued to make brick after brick, as well as putting up the walls of the classroom! At the new creche we continued the good fight of collecting dirt… oh, so much dirt. There is so much sand in mixing they call us DJ Sahara. ;D We also continued putting up the walls of the classroom and began rendering the outside wall of the old classroom. Finishing up the day, the first group got to go horseback riding with the next groups following the days after. During the horseback ride, we were able to be up close and personal with wild animals such as zebra, waterbuck, impala, and bush buck. What a great experience for some of our members who have not been horseback riding before! When we finished up, we all showered and went out to celebrate Michelle’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHELLE! After dinner the night like most of our nights have been- hanging out, talking, playing games, and listening to music. Today, we woke to a torrential downpour with roads flooded, but no worries it only delayed us by an hour and a half. As soon as we got our first ray of sunshine, we loaded up and headed for the creche! Because of the bad condition of the roads, only accessible by four wheel drive, we could only access the old creche. With it raining throughout the day, we remained in high spirits because of the happy, screaming, and joyfully unhelpful children. If you filled your wheelbarrow with too much sand, don’t worry they’ll happily take out enough sand to make room for themselves. ;D Today we laid sand inside the classroom floor to level it out and make it ready for the concrete slab. The other groups were busy making sand runs to a local sand pit, and another group was working hard making bricks. With many breaks for playtime and impromptu sand fights, today was difficult to leave the kids. When we returned to St. Lucia the second group went horseback riding while the others went to for a relaxing dip in the ocean! Much excitement for tomorrow as we are having the creche party! So much food, so much dancing, so much jive, it’s always a good time. This is also when we give out the donations that all the volunteers brought. Can’t wait to tell you all about it tomorrow!

Peace out girl scouts!


P.S. thanks to Bailey for helping writing the blog for the today’s blog! She is the best and the coolest.

P.s.s. Tyler still smells.