happy, happy hippos

Today was out first full day on the creche, and the boys were so eager to get started! We had a big buffet breakfast this morning and headed out as early as we could. We had lots of painting to get started on today, and it was going to be a very hot day!
We started as soon as we arrived, the whole soup kitchen had to be painted, the inside and outside. So we did a base layer throughout, and the boys worked so hard.

Jackson started the sanding

Aaron painting inside the soup kitchen

We had a few kids come and hang out with us, even though it was a public holiday for everyone. So we had breaks playing around with them, then getting straight back to work.

Playing around with the kids

After we had done the base coats, Jackson finished his frog painting in the classroom and Aaron has almost finished his monkey inside too.

Jackson and Aaron with their finished walls

After the day was done, we headed back to the hotel and Jackson and I jumped straight into the pool and watched the monkeys jumping around the roof and trees like crazy. Aaron had a bit of a nap and we all met back up for dinner.

After dinner, Gideon took us out on a night drive through St Lucia, it was still quite busy out so we didn’t think we would see much animals around. We got so lucky though, we saw a bush baby, a crocodile completely out of the water and two big hippos right outside our accommodation! We could not believe how close these guys were to us and to where we were staying. They walked so close to our car as they were passing through!

Look how close we are!

We have been so lucky with all the animal encounters we have been getting and it has been such a fun day! We all decided to get to bed early, because we had another big day ahead of us, and the weather has been a scorcher recently too.