Home Stretch

Hi people!

The team absolutely smashed it today, like always!
We set a goal to finish the foundation of the 4th creche by the end of the week, so we had more hands on deck! Gees wizz wow wee! They are all pocket rockets! We are going to have ALL hands on desk to finish it tomorrow before the creche party with the kids!

Another group finished the plastering of the classroom walls of the 3rd creche, leaving it in tip top condition for the next group to put a roof on it! Great work guys!

The last group made some more bricks for the 4th creche and painted the inside of a classroom of the 2nd creche!

After quite a warm day, we all jumped in the pool to cool down and hit the hay early/watched some movies. We are getting ready to bring out our dance moves tomorrow!

This is teegs, signing off

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