Horsing around

I think todays pictures can perfectly summarise what we did 🙂 Horse riding through the local game park where we got the opportunity to get right up close to zebras and see all other kinds of wildlife, as they didn’t run away from the horses. The weather threated to spoil our day, but we were lucky, and not a drop of rain came down. Everyone loved their horses, who were so well behaved, and everyone in the group got to at least trot while a few even cantered. It’s definitely a great new way to see the African wilderness! We saw cheeky moneys throughout the streets surrounding our accommodation and were even chased by a few braver ones! (We were definitely the less brave!)

The afternoon was spent in preparation for tomorrow, where we will begin work on the crèche and work with the children. Everyone is super excited and looking forward to getting their hands dirty again! For now I shall let the pictures do their own talking and will no doubt have a bucket load of pictures for you tomorrow as well!
Until tomorrow
~ Jess

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