I ain’t Lion

Our final day of being woken up before the sun!! We all hope… Ben’s booming voice was heard across the camp this morning waking everyone up. It’s time to get packed and ready for the game drive today!! We watched our last sunrise, had our last breakfast, woke up with some more giggles and loaded up the car out of there quicker than a pack of cheetahs. We packed into three cars and off we went and pumped up for some special sightings of animals. Those silly gooses packed themselves so efficiently, though, that the last car only had four people in it. That meant that we all got to spread out and get comfortable. We claimed that it was the VIP bus, but really, we were just late to get on the cars. I guess it worked out for us!!DSC06889             P1080960



The park we went to is different than the one we were staying at because it’s a big 5 game reserve, meaning that every animal under the sun can be found here. When we say the big 5, they are elephants, black rhinos, leopards, lions and buffalo. Some are more easily spotted than others, but we got to see loads of animals all throughout the day! Not to mention some incredible views too !!



Right when we drove in, we saw zebras, giraffes, impala, wildebeest, and a huge pack of elephants all in a giant field. It’s like we all imagined Africa would be. While we were driving, we thought the scene looked like the meeting in the Lion King right at the beginning of the movie. It was sooooo cool!!!

P1080892 P1080885 P1080882 P1080900

It’s also mating season so we could tell which ones were male and which were female. We’ve learned so much about the wildlife this week, we feel our heads are spinning. All we think about is nature now, but it was exciting using our knowledge from this week to identify everything that was happening.

Driving through, we came across a massive herd of buffalo that were practically arms length away from our cars.

P1080908 P1080911

We then got a few zebra and giraffes close up.


We drove up on a group of rhinos hiding themselves from the sun, but they were so close to the car, you could smell them and see all the little ticks on their bodies.

P1080958 P1080953 P1080946

One group was driving along when all of a sudden a bull elephant decided to cross the road. We had to come to a quick stop to let him pass, but he walked directly in front of the car as if we weren’t even there. It kind of felt like Jurassic park but in a wayyyy better way because it wasn’t scary at all.


There was also an elephant mud party we stumbled upon where they were throwing mud on themselves to protect them from the sun.


P1080918 P1080922

A baboon strolling down the street gave us a little attitude, and sauntered away. We also had sightings of a White Backed Vulture and a Water Monitor .


P1080930 P1080932

If you can’t tell, we got lots and lots and lots of action with some incredible animals. Many of us also got a bit sun-kissed today, so hopefully everyone will be coming home with a little African glow. It was an amazing day seeing everything out in the open and all together in one game park. It was such a perfect transition to our next journey in st. lucia.

Arriving in St. Lucia was exciting in and of itself too! We drove in over the bridge full of hippos and crocs while the sun was setting. The rooms are all suite-style with full amenities, and we’re all happy to have nothing but showers tonight. I’m pretty sure a shower chant is in order. Busi, our cook we’ve had here for three years now, is making a delicious meal (as usual) and we have so much time to relax and get settled here.

After our full bellies, clean bodies and newly fresh beds/rooms, we’re ready to hit the town and explore some of St. Lucia tonight!! Tomorrow is a brand new day in a new city. Yahoooo!!

Timone and Pumba (Ben and Tara)

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