In a while, Crocodile

Everyone was ready to get started, and they worked so extra hard! We woke up early and all had a great breakfast then headed out for a half day at the creche. We met Toko, and he put us straight to work. We were to level out the ground so we could start creating a concrete slab in front of the classroom. It was tough work, and we all got super dirty.

Max and Toko leveling the ground

Jasmine covered in dirt, but still smiling!

AJ and Chloe started on the varnish inside the soup kitchen and Chloe got more varnish on herself then the actual planks of wood.

AJ and Chloe getting dirty with the varnish

Lunch time came around and we were greeted by all the crazy children, so we ate and then played around with them. I think Jack had the most fun.

We lost Jack to the kids

We headed back to the hotel to have a quick shower and wash up before heading out to the markets. We did a little shopping and walked to the start of the hippo and crocodile cruise. We saw so many hippos and crocodiles, was pretty incredible to see them in their natural habitat.

AJ, Jade and Alyssa watching out for all the hungry hippos

The captain even stopped the boat because he thought he saw a leopard, he lied! Once we arrived back we all just hung out, had dinner and watched Mowgli excited to have a chill day off tomorrow