Karma karma karma Chameleon!

Today was definitely an interesting one!
We started off with an amazing buffet breakfast again! Can not get enough especially to fuel our bodies for the big day ahead.

Jackson and Aaron with all the food

We got in bright and early and started to clear all the concrete rubble that was in the middle of the creche site.

We always need before shots!

And we found some amazing creatures. We got a fright from a snake, gave a mouse some water, saved an elephant shrew and was absolutely amazed by the cutest chameleon we had ever seen!

Jackson and the chameleon.

Of course we couldn’t play for long, and had to get back to work. But we cleared three trailer loads of that concrete, and the site is already looking better already!

Getting down and dirty

We then got back to it and finished off the painting of the soup kitchen, and we found such a beautiful yellow that we had to paint the inside like sunshine!

Jackson painting the sunshine!

The day was over fast, so we had to tell the kids we would see them tomorrow and be ready for another huge day!

Group hug goodbye!