Last day at the Creche means PARTY TIME!!

Morning everyone! Today is our last work day at the two creche’s. I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. We began the morning at the Old Creche with more brick making, laying bricks for the secondary classroom, and adding our red hand prints around the frame of the window on the soup kitchen. By lunch time, Justin’s group arrived back from the game park, so we met them over at the New Creche where the other half of our group had just finished up painting, and laying bricks for their soup kitchen.

The school teachers and children from the Old Creche, all came over to the New Creche where we had a but of a celebration with the both groups (A whopping 40 volunteers!) We bought apples, bananas, oranges, an of course some sweets which we gave out to the kids, along with the donations some of the volunteers had brought over from home. It was so awesome to have all the kids together at the one creche. Many of the volunteers have become close with some of these kids, so it was so nice to be able to spend one last afternoon with them, give them some treats, and a few prizes to take home with them.

Saying goodbye at the end of the day was tough, but in the end, this group of volunteers made such a difference in this community, and I am hoping they will go home with some treasured memories from their time here in South Africa!

This evening, we are all planning on going out for dinner together at one of my favourite local restaurants. We only have a few days left now before we all have to head home. Here’s to making the most of these last few days!


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