Let’s Get Physical!

Up bright and early the team was ready to take on the day!


After a delicious breakfast we loaded up the vans with the tools we would need for the day to start our work at the local creches.

Heading out into the South African countryside was an amazing experience in itself as we turned off the beaten track onto dirt roads seeing a brand new side of this amazing country. A smile and wave from everyone we passed made the group feel instantly at home.

Our expert driver Richard took us to our first creche where we would be building the concrete blocks needed to build the new soup kitchens. After Bertus explained the overall project we would be working on the group divided in two as half headed off to the new creche too start digging the new foundations.

Marcia dig

Marcia working hard

James Lift
James putting his guns to work!

Both groups quickly got to work eager to get stuck into the tasks ahead. With jobs divided amongst the group everyone was able to work on each task and rotate round spending time with the beautiful children coloring pictures, educational classes and playing games!

Teaching Ash Teach
James, Paulina and Ashley doing a great job

As the day went on, friends were quickly made with all the kids whose smiles instantly picked up anyone who was feeling tired.

Smile Shoulders


group shoulders Lexie

After a fantastic lunch and rest we got right back into our work determined to get the days jobs done. Racing through the hard labour we managed to finish a full hour early! The group certainly knows the meaning of hard work!!!

Making Bricks
119 (and a half) Concrete Bricks by the end of the day

Group sit
Foundations dug, time for a rest.

Once the work was all finished both groups caught up at the new creche to play with the kids and see each others hard work.
End of Day

Done for the Day!

Heading back to St Lucia we got out of our work clothes and headed down to the estuary where the boardwalk provides a chance to see both crocodiles and hippos at certain times of the day.

Croc Walk
Open Wide!

Finishing up by the beach, for many the first time seeing and experiencing the Indian Ocean. A beautiful finish to what has been a fantastic first day of work.