Meet Teegs

G’day everyone!

My name is Tegan or Teegs, I’m from classic melbs (that’s Melbourne Australia for any of you Americans or Canadians out there!) and I’ve been a part of the reach out family for nearly 2 years now! I started off as a volunteer in Cambodia then travelled around Australia and North America talking to amazing future volunteers! I will be the team leader for South Africa this season! Hold on to your cheetahs because we are gonna have a blast!

That’s meeee!  This is myself and Bheki! He is your local team leader on project and the main man, he’ll be on ground both weeks and has amazing stories and knowledge about the Zulu culture!

I can’t wait to meet all the kick ass volunteers at the airport! We are heading to the big 5 game park in the first week and it is the first time in this reserve where volunteers will see WILD LIONS! And to kick off this season in the second week we will be working on finishing up the 2nd and 3rd crèche! Yeeeaaahh buddy 🙂

See ya sooon

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